Free Diagnosis by Image

About Free Diagnosis by Image at Our Clinic

Regarding the diagnosis-by-image service at our clinic: if you just send us MRI or X-ray images that have already been taken, a doctor will diagnose you for free in advance, before you begin any regular treatments. This is a convenient service for people who have already had an MRI at another hospital or who live far away or abroad.

Flow of Free Diagnosis by Image

  1. 01 Contact us
    Your can reach us by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp.
  2. 02 Forward us the MRI data
    Ask your hospital to provide a CD with your MRI data. Send it to us by mail, or compress and send us the data file by e-mail.
  3. 03 Fill in and send back the questionnaire
    We are going to contact you shortly after you send us the completed.
  4. 04 Remote image diagnosis
    It might take up to a week until the provided information gets translated, processed and reviewed by the doctor.
  5. 05 Diagnostic result notification
    We will get back to you as soon as your as your Diagnostic result is ready and translation completed.
  6. 06 Schedule operation date
    If your diagnose confirms that your condition makes you a good candidate for treatment, you can proceed with scheduling the operation date.

Application for Free Diagnosis by Image

Please submit the "Application Form for Free Diagnosis by Image" below after filling in the necessary items. After we review the details of your application, the person in charge of your case will contact you.
It is necessary to fill in the items marked Required. It may take us some time to contact you, so please make an inquiry by phone if your situation is urgent.

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      First Name
      Last Name
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      Birth Date
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