Patient's Information

Female in her 60s

Disease. Symptoms

Patient's Condition

Ten years ago, the patient became aware of numbness in the her right sciatic nerve area. Although she was diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis by a nearby orthopedic surgeon, she had been tolerating the condition without any active treatment. However, the numbness appeared every time she walked, and she wanted to be treated if there was room for improvement, so she came to our clinic.

Examination & Test Results

Treatment Scene ①

The MRI scan of the lower back shows that the capacity of the intervertebral discs from the second to the fifth lumbar vertebrae has decreased by more than 50%, accompanied by deformity. The spinal canal, which is the pathway for the nerves in the legs, is also narrowed, and misalignment is seen in the fourth lumbar vertebra. The diagnosis is Spinal Canal Stenosis and Lumbar Spondylolisthesis.

Treatment Details

Discseel Procedure

We aimed to improve numbness by examining and treating the intervertebral discs.

Treatment Scene ②

The patient was interested in the treatment method and wanted to see the examination, so we started the treatment without using sedatives, keeping her awake. In this picture, local anesthesia is being administered.

Treatment Scene ③

A larger amount of local anesthesia was used.

Treatment Scene ④

The patient is being briefed on the disc examination.

This image shows the damaged area of the intervertebral disc. The damaged area appears dark. The treatment time was about 16 minutes.

A Word from the Director

Elementary School Sports Day

Over the weekend, I attended the sports day at my daughter's elementary school. The elementary school kids were full of enthusiasm, running around. Even though I am a 45-year-old with reasonably good physical fitness, I felt it would be impossible to keep up with the level of physical activity like elementary school kids. I realized that the accumulation of effort every day is crucial, so starting today, I will commute to the clinic by train without taking a seat. I will work hard every day.

About the Author

Author: Clinic Director Dr. Ysuyuki Nonaka

Clinic Director Dr. Yasuyuki Nonaka

NLC Nonaka Lumbago Clinic offers medical treatment with a combined focus on the spinal conditions that cause low back pain. By introducing advanced treatments from all over the world, we are able to expand the treatment options for patients suffering from back and other spinal diseases, and propose treatment solutions tailored to their symptoms and conditions. Staying focused on diseases such as disc degeneration and disc herniation that cause spinal canal stenosis and back pain, we provide treatments that are less burdensome for elderly patients, for patients considering reoperation, and those seeking to return to society in a short period of time.

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