Patient's Information

80-year-old male

Condition and Symptoms

Patient's Condition

This patient has been diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis about five years ago and underwent surgical treatment. In recent years, the symptoms have worsened, making walking a painful experience. Desiring a rapid improvement in his condition, he sought treatment at our clinic.

Examination & Test Results

Treatment Scene 1

The results of the MRI examination revealed a compression fracture in the third lumbar vertebra. Additionally, the intervertebral discs, which act as cushions, were found to have collapsed, leading to a diagnosis of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Intervertebral Disc Herniation. Nerves were also compressed, resulting in a diagnosis of Spinal Canal Stenosis.

Treatment Details

Discseel Procedure

Due to a significant reduction in intervertebral disc volume in several locations (over 50% reduction), Discseel Procedure was considered the primary treatment option. We performed Discseel on four intervertebral discs (L2/L3, L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1).

Treatment Scene 2

We did not use sedatives for the patient to observe the condition of the intervertebral discs. Treatment began with only local anesthesia applied to the lower back.

Treatment Scene 3

Given the significant deformity of the intervertebral discs and lumbar vertebrae, we used a high hardness treatment needle. We took special care not to damage the nerves or blood vessels.

Treatment Scene 4

This is the stage where we performed intervertebral disc examination, and the patient was able to see the damaged area. The treatment took approximately 16 minutes, and an improvement in leg numbness was observed shortly after the treatment.

A Word from the Director

I am planning to travel to the United States in November, with the goal of enhancing our treatment techniques. Since April this year, insurance coverage for intervertebral disc treatment began in some parts of North America. The number of treatments has significantly increased, and it seems that new insights have been gained regarding long-term results and treatment areas. Although it is a short training period, I intend to entrust the treatment of local and international patients to our clinic's Vice Director Dr. Ishida and Dr. Yamazaki.

About the Author

Author: Clinic Director Dr. Ysuyuki Nonaka

Clinic Director Dr. Yasuyuki Nonaka

NLC Nonaka Lumbago Clinic offers medical treatment with a combined focus on the spinal conditions that cause low back pain. By introducing advanced treatments from all over the world, we are able to expand the treatment options for patients suffering from back and other spinal diseases, and propose treatment solutions tailored to their symptoms and conditions. Staying focused on diseases such as disc degeneration and disc herniation that cause spinal canal stenosis and back pain, we provide treatments that are less burdensome for elderly patients, for patients considering reoperation, and those seeking to return to society in a short period of time.

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